Every Being on earth deserves to have a roof over their head and fresh, healthy food on the table.  Wings of Empowerment Foundation is devoted to empowering the lives of the less fortunate by providing life’s basic essentials. 


My dream is a big one… not only do I envision the opportunity to empower others with life’s basic essentials…. even more passionately, I see humanity reconnected to its roots.  My vision is to create healing retreat/centres in both Indonesia and Australia, where people can go to rejuvenate and receive affordable natural healing, to be close to nature and reconnect to the long-forgotten divine nature of whom they truly are.  We are so disconnected from ‘truth’ and our one true source!  When we have the opportunity to be still and silent in nature, lay on the earth and be embraced by her Angels of Air, Fire, Earth and Water… we heal!  This is the ancient alchemy! 

I envision natural land, with cabins and tents, a restaurant with plant- based menu using food as medicine.  I envision an organic permaculture garden, natural therapies- including the long forgotten/ suppressed healing modalities of our ancestors/indigenous, as well as the powerful new technologies to be released going forward.  I see evening fires as a time to come together as community to share our deepest emotions in a safe, heart centred environment, until every person feels heard… this is true healing.


I envision oneness.. no colour, no race, no religion… just the simple truth that all beings are equal in the eyes of the supreme god/des creator.


Grass roots, simplicity, nature, silence, stillness, community and love….this is what will heal the world.


Living in Indonesia for the past 5 years has allowed me to witness, first hand, the meaning of duality.  On one hand I see a culture so rich in culture and community, and on the other, so poor when it comes to nourishing food and money, in so many cases. 


For the past 2 years Wings of Empowerment Foundation has been working on the ground, hand in hand with the local people.  To date we have managed to build two homes, one of them housing 3 generations, the other, a single mother and her 2 children.  We have delivered over 400 meals and continuous food parcels consisting of rice, eggs, vegetables, coconut oil and sanitary items, to the poorest of our local community. 


Most recently we have been empowering families by giving them the capital necessary to begin their own businesses.  To date, we have started 3 businesses:


  • virgin coconut oil free of plastic and aluminium; stainless steel pan, glass bottles, coconuts
  • sewing business- industrial straight sewer and overlocker, assorted cottons and accessories
  • eco-laundry- washing machine, drying equipment, iron, electricity installation

Our vision imagines a higher standard of living for every man, woman and child of the poorer sector of beloved Bali.  Thank you in advance for your beautiful donations. 

Bank Details…

Wings of Empowerment Foundation, Maroochydore QLD, Westpac Bank, BSB 034196, Account 671517

Building Homes


Food Deliveries


Creating Businesses