About Me

Hi, I’m Lynnie Nichols… My passion for natural health and healing began 27 years ago when my 2 year old daughter developed eczema on her feet and legs which was accompanied by an unrelenting, chronic itchiness that forced her to scratch uncontrollably until her feet and legs were red raw and bleeding day and night.

At the onset of the eczema I immediately cut all foods with preservatives, colourings, dairy, sugar and wheat from her diet, feeding her purely on fruit, vegetables and meat, yet this seemed to make no difference whatsoever. I took her off to the Doctors in the hope of getting some answers as to what was causing this yet returned home shortly afterwards completely disillusioned, with no hope whatsoever of a cure, just a bag full of medication in the form of steroid creams, antihistamine and antibiotics to supress the symptoms. I knew that none of this medication was good long term but I had no idea what alternatives I had. We researched far and wide, trying every natural cream and cure we could find to no avail. In our desperate attempt to protect her from her continuous desire for relief we had resorted to clothing her in cotton long pants during the day and all in one cotton pyjamas at night along with ankle length boots laced up as tight as we could get them 24hrs a day, only taking them off briefly to bath her at night in anti-itch solution and then putting them back on immediately.

The 15ml adults dose of Phenergan antihistamine we were advised to give her each night did little at all in the way of relief and I would constantly be woken by Jess sobbing in bed, hands feet legs and sheets covered in blood where she had somehow succeeded in tearing her boots and all in one pyjamas off. I literally could not take my eyes off her for more than a few seconds during the day and if I did I would find her hiding behind the furniture, in cupboards, or anywhere else she could find for that matter in order to steal a few blissful moments alone where she could scratch in peace. At one stage her legs became so infected they actually stunk like rotten meat. Back to the Doctor I went only to be told the exact same thing again, “there is nothing you can do except wait for her to grow out of it, here’s another dose of antibiotics!” Feeling completely helpless and hopeless, I would leave the doctor’s surgery in tears time and time again.

After several extremely long stressful months, it was suggested by someone that I try a dietician for answers. Unbelievably, within minutes of entering the consultation room the dietician had diagnosed the cause of Jess’s eczema as a natural form of MSG called salicylates and amines found in fruits and vegetables and given me a very basic diet to get her started on. Well, I am not exaggerating a single bit when I say that 24hrs later Jess was a completely different child! ALL of her itchiness had totally ceased and after months and months of being driven crazy by the incessant irritation, we were finally able to strip off her long pants and lace-up ankle boots, allowing her to run barefoot and fancy free like every other child……I could not believe that in as little as 24hrs, the problem that had devastated our lives for months on end was gone, just like that, just like magic! I was disgusted that on one hand the Doctors were telling me that there was absolutely nothing we could do, that we would just have to wait until she grew out of it which according to them might take years and in the meantime give the little 2 year old girl an adults dose of Phenergan every night and keep her smothered in steroid cream to supress the symptoms!! And yet within minutes in a dietician’s consultation room, by diagnosing the actual cause of the eczema and a simple diet change, we had been given our lives back.

As you can imagine, my life had been changed forever and over the next 20 years my interest in natural health and spirituality became my passion, leading me to some incredible teachers such as Louise Hay, Brandon Bays and Don Tolman. After battling my own emotional demons of chronic anxiety for many years, I was inspired to delve deeper into the cause of dis-ease and the steps necessary in order to heal from conditions both physical and emotional, concluding without doubt that everything is connected… body systems, energy, beliefs, emotions and dis-ease, therefore to truly heal we must take a holistic approach, body, mind and spirit. My determination to conquer anxiety led me down the path of emotional healing and through my personal process work I discovered first- hand the power of forgiveness and the importance of gaining awareness of our core belief system which is the sub-conscious driving force behind our emotions and behaviours. Through my own personal experience of extended 10 day water fasting, I’ve seen clearly the body’s ability to heal itself when we offer the environment for this to take place.

As a Journey Healing Practitioner and Voice Dialogue Facilitator I was guided to help others with the knowledge I’d gained over the years in regards to the connection between energy, emotions and physical health and began running holistic healing retreats on the Sunshine Coast offering a healing environment to detoxify the body and mind via fasting, raw foods and emotional healing therapies. My faith in the body’s healing ability during this time was confirmed over and over again as I witnessed miraculous healings and transformations take place before my very eyes. Experiencing this has been incredible and ensured my 100% faith in the body to heal itself, ‘WHEN GIVEN THE CORRECT HEALING ENVIRONMENT!’

My passion for natural health, healing and spirituality continued to grow, becoming absolutely my way of life, regardless of the fact my kids now call me a weird Hippie Smile We are body, mind and spirit, it’s imperative that we recognise this and treat the body accordingly and because of this, the teaching of ‘SELF-CARE’ has become something I am vigorously passionate about. Thanks to the incredible teachings of the Healing With Wholefoods Guru, Don Tolman and his passion for ancient wisdom, I have learnt much about the wisdom of our Ancestors, the same wisdom that is still practiced in some cultures throughout the world today… the same wisdom that ensures that these people are long-lived and dis-ease free!!

My hope is that you will join me on a journey of holistic healing. It’s time to take back control of our health and our lives and this is so much easier than you might ever have imagined!