Holistic Healing

I heard a prediction recently that ‘one in two people in America will be diagnosed with cancer at some stage during their life-time’.

HONESTLY…It DOESN’T HAVE TO BE THIS WAY! I mean, that’s a crazy, ridiculous 50% of people getting diagnosed with cancer! Do you realise that there are cultures around the world that are long-lived and dis-ease free and in some cases have never experienced a single case of cancer to this day?!! So what do they do differently to us? Well, the answer is very simple… they follow the laws of nature, the Principles of Health and the wisdom of our Ancestor’s!!

Knowledge is Power and unfortunately for most in our western world, thanks to past false indoctrination, that power has been stolen from us! It is my passionate desire that each and every person reading my book has the knowledge and tools to empower themselves with the courage, trust and self-confidence to change that cancer prediction via PREVENTION, to cure dis-ease before it ever manifests into physical form, to let go of the fears that have kept so many running back and forth to the doctor time and time again, suppressing the symptoms yet never truly healing. We are powerful, self- healing, self-creating beings and when we embrace this truth, miraculous healings and transformations take place! We can heal our body of any dis-ease when we offer it the correct healing environment and if you choose to read on, you will discover testimonials in proof of this fact. We are more than just a physical body therefore true healing must take place holistically…body, mind and spirit. It’s not enough to focus purely on the physical body if the core of the dis-ease is emotional toxicity just as it’s not enough to focus solely on our emotions if the physical body is overwhelmed with toxicity! It’s time to get back to basics and the ancient wisdom still practiced in these cultures around the world that are long lived and disease free! It’s time to embrace the physics of nature and the principles of health! It’s time to embrace ‘Self Care’.

There’s a quote by Henry Ford that says “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.” Stop for a moment and think about that in relation to your health and your life in general for that matter… Are you ready to do something different? Are you ready to start living and loving life again? People everywhere are awakening to the truth… awakening to the mistruths we have been indoctrinated with since the day money became more important than a human beings life, mistruths that have kept us small, powerless, misinformed and without choice. The time has come to challenge everything you have ever been told or taught… go deeper, ‘feel’ into the innate wisdom of your own body and ask, “does this FEEL like my truth” and then trust your body, don’t let fear and past programming keep you in those patterns you’ve been playing out all these years. Contemplate your health and then open your mind to the possibility that maybe you’ve had it wrong, maybe those people you have been putting up on pedestals don’t have the answers after-all! I mean, all we have to do is take a look at the state of our western society and it’s pretty damn obvious!


This is your life, you didn’t take this physical form to be unhappy, to struggle, to spend your life sick and tired… and now you don’t have to! Here is the RECIPE to holistic healing… body, mind and spirit, proven to be consistently transformational. It’s time to be the most empowered vibrant version of YOU and in doing so, inspire and empower your children and all of those around you to be the healthiest and best version of themselves! Don’t wait until you’ve become yet another medical statistic, begin embracing ‘self-care’ today and you will soon discover how amazing and powerful your body is when it comes to healing, you will soon discover the TRUTH.

Inspirational True Story


Kate was a 22 year old nurse who had been diagnosed with advanced ovarian cancer which had metastasised into stomach, intestines and lungs. She’d been told by her Doctor’s that it was too late for chemotherapy or radiation. When Kate and I first spoke on the phone she was quite sceptical as to how a retreat could help her due to the fact that she’d been given a prognosis of one month or so to live, if she was lucky and being a nurse, had no concept whatsoever as to how emotional healing would assist in getting rid of cancer! However, with nothing to lose she came along and detoxified her physical body by eating a predominately raw vegetarian diet and drinking vegetable juices and at the same time went about healing her mind and spirit.


Her emotional healing sessions were very powerful and very traumatic, pulling up memories from the past that had been supressed for many years, some as far back as childhood, eating away at her without any conscious awareness on her behalf. As she accessed the blocked cellular memories during her healings, she was astounded by the sheer force of the emotions that arose, crying uncontrollably for hours on end as the pain and trauma that had been hidden away for so long was released, frightening her initially as her warrior demeanour fell away and a vulnerable little girl began to truly heal. After leaving the retreat Kate continued at home to detoxify her body both physically and emotionally, staying positive with the knowledge that her body could heal from a cold, therefore it could heal from cancer. Kate and I kept in touch throughout her healing journey, her positivity rarely wavered, in-fact I remember her telling me the story of how a customer commented on her taking a day off work, asking if she’d been sick to which she replied “no, just cancer!” 9 months after I initially met and spent time with Kate I was invited to her beautiful wedding where she stood up and announced to everybody there that not only was she marrying her best friend that day, but she was now cancer free! (4 years later Kate is still cancer free) and in her own words…


I don’t know that I’d be here today if I hadn’t been to the Retreat. During my week with Lyn I started on an alkaline diet, drank too many cups a day of Jason Winters tea and MMS which I have no doubt helped me immensely with my fight but by far the biggest thing though, was the emotional healing sessions. I had a lot of emotional baggage that I’d hidden away, I knew about it but I didn’t know how to deal with it and never thought it would turn into something so sinister. During my week with Lyn I started healing over a few sessions and learnt how to continue with that healing after I returned home. I’ve been able to face my demons and fight this cancer where it actually started. Thanks to Lyn and the amazing work she does at the Retreat, not only was I well enough to marry my best friend last month, I also got to announce on the same day that I’m now in remission……….and one year later….This time last year I was given the most wonderful news. One year on I’m still in remission 🙂 I can never thank you enough Lyn for all your support and helping me beat this horrible disease. xx