Heal the Mind/Emotional Body

Inspirational Story…


I’ve witnessed Emotional Healing therapies catalyse many miraculous physical and emotional healings over the last 8 years. One that will forever be embedded in my memory is a young lady who, 6 years earlier, had had carpel tunnel operations which had left her with barely any movement in either wrist. During her healing session she had experienced feeling as though there were shackles around each wrist and as she tuned into this area of her body, one wrist at a time, she discovered who had put these energetic padlocks on her, feeling the shackles unlock the instant she became aware of who was at the core of each energetic blockage. Unbeknownst to her, the cellular changes began to take place immediately and overnight the subconscious blockage was released. The following afternoon she began explaining her lack of wrist movement to the yoga teacher and as she started to demonstrate her limited degree of movement, she was absolutely astounded to discover that in less than 24hrs she had regained complete 180 degree movement of both wrists! No operations, no medical intervention, no pills or medicines, just purely by paying attention and embracing her body’s innate wisdom in order to gain awareness to the actual CAUSE of the emotional/energetic blockage, her body had been provided all it needed to heal itself!

Based on 10 years facilitating holistic healing retreats and 100’s of emotional healing sessions, I have concluded that when it comes to healing both the physical body and the emotional body, the mind is where we must begin.

I truly believe that ALL physical and emotional dis-ease originates from this point…Here’s how it all works…


At the core of ALL of our behaviours is subconscious programming, the beliefs and behaviours passed down generationally and/or bought through at birth from past life experiences and the collective consciousness, along with the programming we have taken on ourselves via our perception of life and the indoctrination we have received from parents, teachers and other influential beings during our younger years. It is said that from the moment of conception we have a mind that perceives life outside of the womb and forms beliefs surrounding this and that our subconscious programming, both negative and positive is embedded deeply within the psyche by the time we are 7 years old. Bit scary huh! The thing to realise here is that this belief system is created solely through perception, according to the experiences that foetus and child endures and not necessarily the truth.


From these beliefs we then create behaviours based on our particular belief system. We create these behaviours as a form of protection, as a survival mechanism whilst we are young. As we grow older however, the very same behaviours that once helped to protect us often keep us stuck in disempowering, inhibiting cycles that prevent us from achieving our goals and attracting the things we most desire in life such as love, abundance, trust, happiness, freedom, faith and peace. Our belief system works on a subconscious level 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week, constantly attracting to us via the Law of Attraction, people and experiences that affirm these beliefs. This is absolutely awesome when it comes to the positive, empowering beliefs we have created, yet the perception of a young child quite often gets things wrong and so when it comes to the negative core belief system, it’s a completely different story! I believe THE most powerful thing we can do for our own healing and personal growth is to find out what our negative core belief system is and do the work necessary to change this programming…


So what is a negative core belief system?

A negative core belief system is the disempowering beliefs we have created via our perception of the world during childhood. For example, if a baby within the mother’s womb perceives via the emotional vibrations it is experiencing time and time again that it is unwanted, there’s a huge chance that person will grow up believing at a cellular level ‘I am not wanted, I am not worthy of love, I am unlovable’ etc and even if the mother grows to love the baby/child over time, if that belief has already been created by the foetus, the programming is embedded within the subconscious where it plays out forever more by sabotaging friendships, relationships and love in general due to the belief at a core level, I am unlovable. If a child spends her life watching her mother being treated like a door mat, there is a good chance she will create a belief that ‘women are not worthy of love and respect’ or something along those lines and later in life, via the Law of Attraction, like attracts like, will find herself living out the same sort of scenarios she experienced her mother going through, even though as an adult she looks back on those experiences and can see that the way her Mother was treated was wrong. On the other hand, if a male child watches this behaviour, he may perceive this as normal and therefore later in life re-create the same behavioural pattern of his father.


A scenario that I’ve witnessed time and time again as an emotional healing practitioner and have found absolutely fascinating, concreting my belief without doubt that everything is about PERCEPTION is the experience of a female who in younger years was sexually abused by a male. Depending on ‘perception’ she will create a belief around this. She may perceive this as ‘being loved’ and therefore have no real adverse effects from the experience or she may perceive herself as being to blame in some way, creating a belief along the lines of ‘I deserve to be mistreated/abused or I’m undeserving of love, I’m unlovable’ etc and going through life carrying a huge amount of shame regardless of the fact that she was a completely innocent victim. These negative core beliefs then attract to her scenarios that affirm her beliefs in the way of abusive relationships or she may become promiscuous at an early age, allowing men to use and abuse her because she believes subconsciously that she does not deserve any better than this. ‘ It all comes back to the core belief system and subconscious programming and it is not something we have control over UNTIL we gain awareness, this is why people attract the same type of experiences and people into their life over and over again until eventually they gain a degree of awareness about their programming and make change. The belief system in conjunction with the Law of Attraction is very powerful and works in all areas of life.


One way to discover a little about your belief system is to take a good hard look at life…. What’s happening in the finance department, what’s happening in the area of love and relationship, are you living and loving life or is every day a struggle? Are you living a victim mentality of ‘poor me, it’s not fair?’ Look for the patterns and then go deeper…. do you believe you are unlovable, that money is evil, I don’t deserve, life is scary, people are dangerous, men/women just abuse you, life wasn’t meant to be easy, I’m not good enough, not worthy, I have to be perfect, I have to be the best…. and on and on it goes…

So why is this SO important? ……our belief system/ subconscious programming determines our behaviours and our underlying emotional state. For instance, as I delved into the core of my own personal experience of chronic anxiety I discovered a ‘fear of the unknown’ combined with a ‘fear of what others thought’ which all led back to a negative core belief that ‘if I am not perfect I’m not good enough’!! Holy heck… no wonder I lived my life in a state of fight or flight for so many years!!! I was never going to feel relaxed if I had to be perfect in order to achieve this emotional state! Through re-programming my mind I now find peace in the belief that ‘my imperfection is perfect!!’


Emotions/Cellular Memories…

At the height of any powerful emotion, if we do not allow ourselves to fully express the feeling it becomes stored away in the body along with the memory accompanying this. Over time, these stored emotions become exhausting. Imagine trying to hold a beach ball underwater, how exhausted your arm becomes holding this down, keeping it hidden beneath the surface. This is what it’s like for the body. Suppressed emotions are a huge burden for the body to drag around each day. The more we push them down, the more burdensome they become (hence my tantrums now and then ) until eventually we feel like we may explode or have a breakdown, depending on the particular emotions being suppressed. The stored cellular memory is triggered time and time again when something happening in life today subconsciously or consciously reminds us in some way of the initial stored experience. This re-surfacing of a stored emotion is shown quite obviously at times we experience an ‘extreme’ reaction to something or someone and have awareness that our reaction was uncalled for. For instance, someone that has experienced a car accident and not found closure through expressing the emotion and finding forgiveness with all concerned may have a major panic attack at the slightest indication of another person braking in front of them etc. These ‘extreme’ reactions are a sign that something is wrong, there is dis-ease on the energetic/emotional level that needs healing and if we intentionally or unintentionally ignore this sign, eventually the blocked cellular memory/emotion manifests into a stronger signal in the form of a physical manifesting/dis-ease of the body.


Our cells are constantly replacing themselves and as each new cell comes along to replace the old, the memory stored in that cell is passed on to the new cell where it continues to express itself when triggered, initially via strong emotional reactions as mentioned and then, if this is continually ignored and suppressed, the physical manifestation. This might be as simple as an ache or pain to begin with as the body tries to gain our attention, manifesting into more serious dis-ease if we continue to ignore the body’s warning signals. Dis-ease in any form is our teacher, it’s our body’s way of giving us a symptom and showing us that there’s something we need to look at on a deeper level, in fact the word ‘symptom’ actually means a sign or signal of something deeper.\


Now this is where it all goes terribly wrong…..

The body has done a brilliant job so far of trying to tell us that there’s something deeper, something energetically, emotionally or subconsciously that is affecting us, a deeper emotional toxicity or physical toxicity that needs attention in order to bring back the balance, BUT instead of listening to our body, taking notice of its intelligent warning signs and working with it to find the CAUSE of the symptom, we have been falsely taught to trot off to the Doctor and get a pill or medicine.


What we haven’t been taught however, is that this only suppresses the symptom which, I will say again, is the body’s way of showing us there is something wrong!! The symptom goes away because the medication is designed to SUPRESS this, but it doesn’t get rid of the initial problem, a pill can’t make emotional or physical toxicity go away! Now the body has to look for another way of expressing a signal in order to get our attention and so more dis-ease and toxicity is created and our over-all state of health deteriorates.


If we embraced the body’s intelligence and the power of our own innate healing ability and took the time to go deeper, to find the CAUSE of the symptom by discovering the suppressed memory/emotion and sub-conscious belief at the very core of the physical or emotional manifestation, finding closure and healing through expression of emotion and forgiveness, the memory is released from the cells of the body forevermore and when the new cell comes along, there is no degenerative memory to pass on. This is why seemingly miraculous healings can occur in the time a particular organ or body part takes to renew its cells. Brandon Bays, the creator of the very powerful ‘The Journey’ emotional healing process that I adore, discovered this first hand when she embarked on her own journey of healing from a basketball-sized cancerous tumour of the uterus. By discovering the degenerative memory in the core of her tumour and doing the forgiveness work on this memory to bring absolute closure, combined with detoxifying the physical body, her cancer was completely gone in just 6 ½ weeks and has never returned!


Science has actually proven that our cells hold memories and this is shown clearly in case studies of donor recipients taking on traits of their donor. Studies have shown recipients who could suddenly speak another language after an organ transplant, of donor recipients craving foods they would never have previously eaten and of recipients that began dreaming and having memories of people they had never met, discovering after research that these were the family or friends of their particular organ transplant donor.



Hi Lyn, Just wanted to touch base with you as it has now been a few weeks since my journey healing session. I am doing very well. I feel as though a giant burden and weight has been lifted right out of my soul. I always used to feel so consumed by my thoughts, tormented at times even, and I now feel free. I feel more and more present in each moment each day. I feel a calmness that goes right into the depths of my being. I always felt an anger within me - I believe I covered up the sadness with anger - and now the very core of this anger has completely gone. It's not there at all! I feel much softer and a more gentle nature about myself. Anxiety and panic attacks - gone! The sadness has completely gone as well, I don't feel it anymore. Things that used to make me feel sad (eg a song or a part in a movie) it doesn't do that anymore, my body doesn't resonate with that emotion and memory. I am absolutely amazed at how different I feel as a person. I cannot thank you enough for your help with this issue - could not have done it without your help. I am really looking forward to the future and what it holds for me now that I have cleared away all this junk. I feel like my life has only just begun!! Thank you again.


For more than 30 years I suffered with, at times, very severe abdominal pain which had a profound effect on my daily life. The only relief when these pains set in was to lie in the fetal position, which would usually end up being all night, as the attacks came more at night than during the day. After having every imaginable test carried out, I came to the realisation that conventional medicine was not going to help me. I was beginning to understand that this condition was caused by some sort of emotional blockage. During the process I had a memory of an experience that had happened during my younger years which had been very traumatic at the time. I had not connected the two – but looking back this makes complete sense. The blocking out of this emotional incident had manifested itself in the form of these abdominal pains. That was now at least two years ago and I have not had a stomach pain since. I cannot speak highly enough of Lyn and her ‘healing hands’ – this has had a profound effect on my life and I am very grateful.

Fiona Brill

Hi Lyn, For 25 years I have purchased books and gone to Counsellors trying to sort out why oh why I just couldn't have the relationship I wanted....as my second marriage was about to collapse I escaped to your retreat Lyn. I cannot thank you enough for what I learnt during 3 short days after searching for understanding, as I have said, for 25 years!!! The Journey Emotional Healing session, the Voice Dialogue Self Awareness, Louise Hay's DVD 'You can Heal your life' and the book 'The Four Agreements'.....have been life changing for me. And guess what...as I have learnt you get back the energy you send out...my husband and I are now much more positive about our future. So thank you again, very very much - I look forward to learning more from you......

Jenny xx

I went to Mt Ninderry Health Retreat feeling alone, lost and very sad, not able to smile much or laugh at all, but when I left I felt so full of LOVE and HAPPINESS and I know now I can do whatever I want. Lyn I cannot thank you enough for what you did with me over the last 3 days, I have never felt so happy or content and in love with the universe. You are doing a magical job and I can see it is a passion of yours. We need more loving caring people like you in the world and now thanks to you I can be one of those people too. Thank you again beautiful angel.


I have had a bad cough for months and even though I had tried everything to eliminate it, nothing seemed to work. However, after attending Lyn's health retreat for a week which included two days of raw food and five days juice fasting as well as the Journey work and Voice Dialogue, my cough no longer exits. It went entirely after the second Journey session. I also have more energy and a new zest for life. Whatever your state of health, I highly recommend spending some time with Lyn to help you gain the tools to improve your health and emotional wellbeing.


Thank you! I was at the end of the line with pent up anxiety and in a constant state of flight or fight mode. The inner turmoil I was experiencing was horrible and I started feeling detached from my partner, friends and family and all of those people who just kept trying to fix me by saying things like "don't think like that", "be positive", "get over it". While I am sure they meant well, until you experience it you won't know how much you would just like to do exactly that and how impossible it is to do it.

Sal xxx

I came here a shattered wreck, fell in the door and started to heal. In just 2 days my whole attitude had changed. The 5 Day health retreat gave me a chance to deal with my issues, rest, relax and enjoy. I go home much happier and much healthier with a new lease on life.

Lyn Gooch