Heal the Physical Body

Before and After Waterfasting



Our Ancestors understood that nature created every plant and wholefood with a geometric pattern that resembled the geometric presentation of a body organ and these Signature Foods are literally medicine to that body part.


They knew that there could be but 7 disorders or dis-eases of the body simply because there are only 7 major body systems. They knew that a SYMPTOM meant a sign or signal of something deeper and when the body gave us a symptom it was time to place focus on the body system and particular organ or body part at the core of that symptom, knowing with certainty that all they had to do in order to bring equilibrium back to the body was to embrace the brilliant intelligence of nature and it’s Doctrine of Signatures along with the 7 principles of health that determine health and longevity.


Our Ancestors understood that every plant and wholefood in nature has a geometric presentation that corresponds to the geometric pattern of an organ in our body and to heal a particular organ they needed to eat the signature food for that organ along with the other foods that support that particular body system. How cool is that! Nature truly is magnificent! For example, if there was a problem with the heart our Ancestors knew that it was time to eat tomatoes and red capsicum along with the other foods that support the Circulatory System.


The Swinyette (lady healers of Egypt) knew that to be long lived and disease free we should eat a Ra food diet, Ra meaning Sun. They knew that by eating a wholefood diet of fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds and legumes grown in the temperate zone a person was living, in the season they naturally come forth and drinking/eating the milk, cheese, yoghurt and ferments made from the milks of all of the beasts that were put on our mother earth, not for us to eat their flesh, but to eat the grass grown via the energy of Ra and then provide us with nutrition via their milk, the people would be getting the highest nutritional value from those foods and in fact, the nutritional components would circulate in the blood for one whole year until that particular food came forth again the following year. The Lady Healers knew that the body relied on the foods grown in the season in that particular temperate zone to maintain its highest capacity. They understood that foods grown in the summer months have a higher water content such as melons, stone fruits etc and that the higher water content actually affected the viscosity of the blood, keeping it thinner in order to keep the body cooler. On the other hand, the foods grown in the winter months such as root vegetables, lentils and legumes had the opposite affect due to the their lower water content, allowing the blood viscosity to thicken and in turn keep the body warmer.


As with the spelling of many words, in later years the word Ra was changed in order to hide the true meaning from the masses (once again, this was when the almighty dollar became more important than the life of a human being). Ra became the word raw and the true meaning, importance and power of the sun lost forever more. These days, people are so scared to go out in the sun for fear of skin cancer. The truth is, our ancestors knew how important the sun was to our health and survival and that a few months each year spent getting a suntan would give our body enough stored Vitamin D to last another 3 years!


A Ra food diet is a predominately raw diet with the exception of legumes and foods grown under the ground, which can be cooked without losing their nutritional value. Did you know there are still cultures around the world today that live the way nature intended. They are long lived and dis-ease free, still fathering children in their later years and living well into their 100’s unlike half of our society, sick, tired, overweight and living on medications in their 40’s if not younger! It’s crazy and ridiculous when the answer is right here and so very simple.


Unless we are living in pristine nature, toxins are everywhere. They are in the food we eat, in the air we breathe (google chemtrails) and in the water we drink, not to mention all of the processed and takeaway foods and drinks, the personal care and cleaning products etc. Our bodies were not designed to survive on processed foods and drinks. You only have to look at the ingredients of these foods to see a great portion of them are not food at all, they are numbers or in other words chemicals! Do you think that is the way nature intended us to eat? No wonder there is so much dis-ease in the world today! Most people are undernourished and full of toxicity, their body’s craving for real food in the way of whole foods and fresh water! From the day we are conceived we start taking in toxins. I recently read a study that confirmed the presence of over 200 different chemicals found in newborn baby placentas these-days. How shocking is that?! Stored toxins, undigested protein, chemical residues and heavy metals continue to accumulate in the body over our life time where they become a thick sludgy tar-like substance called plaque. This plaque coats the mucosal lining of the digestive tract and colon and along with emotional toxicity is at the core of dis-ease.

COLON CLEANSING… Our Ancestors discovered internal cleansing via observing nature, in particular an Ibis bird, wade out into water at the completion of eating where it filled its beak from the pond then turned its head around, shoving its beak where the sun don’t shine, it emptied the water into its colon before squirting the contents out of its body. This observation resulted in the creation of a douche using leaves and bark to create a waterproof bag and a hollow reed as the tubing. Filling the bag with water then hanging this from a tree, they would carry out their own inner cleansing. They realised the importance of cleansing the inner body in relation to health and that this was even more important than cleansing the outer body and because of this, practiced a daily salt water flush to achieve the same result.


The colon, as with the hands and feet is covered with reflex points that correspond to every organ and body part. When thick black and sometimes hard plaque coats a particular area of the colon, not only does this stop absorption of necessary vitamins and minerals but it can also stop the related organ from functioning properly. There are some incredible testimonials from people who have carried out colon cleansing using herbs, enemas and fasting. Some people have regained their sight and hearing, others miraculously healing dis-ease in their body whilst others have fallen pregnant when previously they were unable. One fascinating testimonial I have read was that of a lady who for many years had been able to feel a hard lump in her abdomen. During her 28 day colon cleanse this was released along with the plaque it was embedded in. Intrigued, she fished this out of the toilet and banged it against the side where it burst open into a mass of beautiful colours. When she was a child she would eat crayons and her body had stored this in a ball and attached it to the wall of her digestive tract/colon where it had over the years been coated in plaque. How fascinating is that! Another testimonial that shows the importance of colon cleansing was that of a man who released a piece of this rope like plaque and on investigation, discovered that he could not even cut it with a serrated knife! You can only imagine the effect this plaque would have had on the organ related to the area of the colon this had released from! I myself have done several colon cleanses and one of the 28 day cleanses and I can guarantee you, you will feel incredible at the completion of this. Your skin will become translucent, any rashes, acne/pimples will disappear, you will lose at least 10 kilos and more if you have it to lose and will feel so full of energy and vitality. It’s a must for ultimate health.


FASTING… THE FASTEST WAY TO HEAL THE BODY… Via observing nature and watching the behaviour of sick animals our Ancestors realised that there was not a single animal on the face of this Earth that would eat while they were sick and in fact, some would eat grass in order to make themselves vomit up the contents of their stomach.

They understood the word FAST meant ‘to make strong’ and that the fastest way to heal the body was via water fasting as when we do this, the huge amount of the body’s energy normally expelled each day on digestion, becomes directed towards healing the body. The body will not go without protein and this it gains through eating away dis-eased cells, tissues, tumours etc within the body.


Our Ancestor’s knew that just one day of water fasting would clear one whole year of toxicity from the body and that an extended water fast of 40 days would clear a whole life time of abuse and toxicity. They had the knowledge that there was not a single dis-ease that could outlive the body during water fasting and therefore water fasting was the fastest and most powerful remedy for healing dis-ease of any organ or body system. To assist the body during fasting, our Ancestor’s knew to gratefully embrace the Angels of our earthly mother, AFEW- Air, Fire (Sun), Earth and Water. They would fast in nature for up to 40 days in order to gain the freshest of air, the purest of water for drinking and internal cleansing, the energy from the sun and the healing powers of the earth in the form of clay and mud to draw out toxicity and heal the body.


They knew that the second fastest way to heal the body was by drinking the juices of the fruits and vegetables. Unlike water fasting, some digestion is necessary therefore it is a slightly slower way of healing as the body must direct approximately 15 minutes or so of its energy after each juice into performing this function. Our Ancestors knew that the third fastest way to heal the body is to embrace a raw vegan diet until the body system has restored balance. Whilst still a powerful way to detoxify the body, it is a slower process as after each meal the body must direct a few hours of its energy towards digestion.

So there you have it, the FAST, FASTER AND FASTEST ways to heal the human body.



When I first came to the Retreat I had the advanced stages of ovarian cancer. I'd been given one month or so to live if I was lucky, so when a friend mentioned the work Lyn does at the Retreat I jumped at the chance and I'm so glad I did. From the moment I first met Lyn she made me feel so welcome in her home and she truly is a wonderful lady (and a fantastic cook!) Even if there were no health benefits to the retreat, I'd still go back just to spend time with such an amazing soul. I owe Lyn a lot of thanks, I don't know that I'd be here today if I hadn't been to the Retreat. During my week with Lyn, I started on an alkaline diet, drank too many cups a day of Jason Winters tea and MMS which I have no doubt helped me immensely with my fight. But by far the biggest thing though, was the emotional healing sessions. I had a lot of emotional baggage that I'd hidden away, I knew about it but I didn't know how to deal with it and never thought it would turn into something so sinister. During my week with Lyn I started healing over a few sessions and learned how to continue with that healing after I returned home. I've been able to face my demons and fight this cancer where it actually started. Thanks to Lyn and the amazing work she does at the Retreat, not only was I well enough to marry my best friend last month, I also got to announce on the same day that I'm now in remission…… And four years later Katie writes … you helped to prove cancer is beatable.


Hi Lyn, I have been meaning to write and thank you for our wonderful experience. When we left home I hoped it would be worth it. You certainly made sure it was. I was a little dubious at first with hardly any male perspectives in the testimonials. It seemed like maybe a “women’s” thing and “real men” don’t go to those things but I did see one male testimonial so thought OK I'll have a go. When we arrived, I had to have 2 rest stops just walking to our room. It was a good thing our room was as close as it was to the “hub” or I would have needed a rest stop on the way each morning for breakfast – (imagine all those toilet trips with a rest stop). The food looked great and my wife loved it, pity I was restricted to juices and smoothies, but they tasted great and continued the detoxing I needed. The combination of massages, Reiki, Journey healing, dialogue and Laughter therapy worked like magic. Who would have thought I could stand and do laughter therapy exercises for 30 minutes only 3 days after needing 2 rest stops walking from the car to the room!! Now 3 weeks later my resting pulse rate is down to the 70’s instead of the high 90’s . I feel so much better and improving daily. I have to say thank you for a life saving/changing experience and recommend it to anyone needing some assistance to rid themselves of some Dis-ease.


The Retreat was amazing! I've gotten so much from the 5 days there and it has made a really big difference to my life. My hip is really, really good. I had my first session with the physio on Friday (since coming back from the retreat) and I'm finally where I want to be! It's taken a very long time to sort my hip out but that last Journey session has made a massive difference. I've had an opportunity to reflect on everything and it wasn't until I got home that I realised how much pressure and stress I place on myself over my family situation. Whilst there is nothing I can do about anyone else, I'm now really focussed on moving into my own place and doing things for me, instead of doing things to make my family happy. Thank you so much for the opportunity to be a part of your retreat, it's something very special to me and I am so appreciative of what it has given me.


Hi Lyn, My physical health has so improved since the Retreat ie the arthritis pain has gone from my hip, I had a huge lump in the breast which has really gone down in size and I have not been suffering from constricted throat like I used to. The healing you did which released my association with a particular person has been successful. This has been a huge factor in my life for the past 32 years.

Sunshine Coast

All going well here! Although I’ve water fasted and done Journey's here in Australia, it was much more beneficial to do the package with you. My chest pains are completely gone, and I have a much clearer mind for my future direction with investment properties and skiing as this is what I love. Looking forward to our next visit as you have the perfect place for the healing process. Thanks heaps...


Thank you for having me in your Healing Retreat. When I arrive I was a very stressed person, with a lot of pain in my body, bad eating habits. Through your diet, treatments and right feedback I am a different person today. After long time for the first time, I start day with energy, no pain and ready to enjoy my life. I just wish I did it many years ago. Thank you so much.